Message from Yumi Tanabe
May 22, 2015

Transmitting the Result of Best Wine Selected by Women from Japan to the World
Yumi Tanabe
Chairperson “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards
Chairperson Wine and Spirits Culture Association
President Wine and wine Culture Co.,Ltd.

田辺由美I am truly delighted to announce the result of the Second “Sakura” Japan Women’s Wine Awards. The number of entries increased from 1,922 items in 2014 to almost 1.5 times. I am impressed with the high expectation directed to the Japanese wine market by the world as the market that “can distinguish good wine.” The increase in the number of entry was especially noticeable from Italy, Chile, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Argentina, and New Zealand. Among these countries, the number of entry from Portugal more than doubled.

As a result of judging made by a total of 340 professionals over the 4-day period, 1,223 wines were awarded. From the message (page 17) given to us by the recipient of last year’s Best Women Winemaker Award, Claire Naudin of France, it is apparent that this competition heightens the motivation of all winemakers.

Currently, wine consumption in Japan is 3ℓ a year per person. The percentage of people who drink wine more than once a week is 37.6% women and 29.5% men. The opportunity for Japanese women to select wine more so than in other countries is a known fact even in other wine countries.

It is my wish to relay to people involved in winemaking and distribution both domestically and internationally the type of wine best suited to certain cuisine and the preferences in Japan through this competition judged by women. And I strongly believe that this will became a new triggering force to activate the wine industry and market in Japan.

My sincere appreciation goes to all the women judges coming from nationwide and many staff behind the scene who are supporting this judging event. Thank you to all and cheers.