News Release
November 1, 2013

Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards
International Wine Competition,
judged exclusively by women, will start next spring!
Entry period: Nov. 1 – Dec. 13 2013
Award Ceremony: March 4, 2014 at FOODEX JAPAN 2014

The Institute of Wine & Spirits Cultural Association (President: Yumi Tanabe) will initiate the 1st “Sakura” Japan Women's Wine Awards next spring, a wine competition judged exclusively by female judges for the first time in Japan.

Female consumers holding the initiative of wine purchase is now being seen as a barometer of success in wine business

Female consumers holding the initiative of wine purchase is now being seen as a barometer of success in wine business
Currently, women wine lovers with specialized knowledge are increasing in Japan. There are more than 8,000 female sommeliers in Japan.It is not an exaggeration to say women who love good food, have high ambition, and keen to new information are driving the fine wine market in Japan. In addition, from the data that shows the popularity of rosé and sparkling wine growing in recent years obviously is contributed to women having initiative of wine purchase.

Taking advantage of such women’s viewpoints, “Sakura” Japan Women’s Wine Awards is a competition judged by women to be held for the first time in Japan. The responsible person to select the judges is Yumi Tanabe of “Yumi Tanabe Wine School”. The judges will be selected from among wine specialists representing Japan and celebrities with centripetal force as guest judges. The winning medal of ““Sakura”Japan Women’s Wine Awards” is a proof of the high quality wines depicting the standard of value of women and is a reliable indicator of female consumers who drive the wine market in Japan.

The Award Ceremony to be held at FOODEX JAPAN 2014 – In addition Special Awards conceptualized especially by women will also be presented

Judging of “SAKURA Wine Awards” will all be done by blind tasting. In a 100-point scale, in addition to scoring wine to select “Double Gold” (95-100 points), the “Gold” (88-95 points), and “Silver Medal” (80-88 points) awards for each category, “Diamond Trophy” will be awarded to the recipient of “Double Gold” (may be not be applicable if no recipient) on the last day of judging. Also, in addition to choosing the “Best Value Wines” based on cost performance for each wine category, “Best Japanese Wine,” “Best Wine For under 30's” selected by female judges 30 years and under, “Best Wine Produced by a Woman Winemaker,” “Best Accompanying Wine for Asian Foods (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thailand, etc.),” and “Best Label Design - Best 10” to evaluate the design of etiquette are considered from the female point of view.

The Award Ceremony will be held at the same venue on the first day of Japan's largest food exhibition, the FOODEX JAPAN, starting on March 4, 2014. During the four-day exhibition, all winning wines will be on display at the same venue where more than 70,000 attendees are expected. The winners are also announced online through information portal site such as Yahoo, Google, and Japan's largest fashion news site, modelpress. In addition to issuing the Official Book of all the winning wines, articles will be placed in wine magazines, general and industrial magazines. Award seals may be used on products, advertisements, PR and publicity for one year.

Deadline for acceptance of entry applications from winery, importers, and liquor distributors is December 13 !

The period of accepting entry applications is from November 1 to December 13, 2013 (both domestic and overseas). Entry fee is 21,000 yen (tax included) for each entry and there is no limit to the number of entries per applicant. For competition details and how to apply, please refer to the following website - Application Form can also be downloaded from the website. Deadline for arrival of wines for judging is January 8, 2014 and the date for judging will be done over the four-day period of February1 to 4, 2014.