News Release
January 16, 2015

The second “SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards
Tasting Assessments will start soon!

This unique competition launched last year and the second year is expected to be more exiting.
The juries are just women and the 280 juries comprise wine experts, importers, retailers, sommeliers, restaurateurs and wine journalists.

The assessment will take place in several sessions for four days between Feb.1st and 4th ,2015 at the Agnes hotel and apartments Tokyo.

Forthcoming schedule

Feb.14th ,2015 (Sat)
Announcement of the result for the Double Gold, Gold and Silver awards at
“SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards Web site
Mar.3rd ,2015( Tue) 14:30~15:15
Official Ceremony at the global stage of FOODEX JAPAN 2015, the biggest wine & food exhibition in Japan.
Announcement of the Diamond Trophy & Special awards and the top wines in every category achieving the best scores will be awarded.
Mar.3rd(Tue)15:30~17:00 & 4th(Wed)11:00~17:00
Tasting exhibition of all awarded wines at FOODEX JAPAN 2015.
Apr.19th ,2015 (Sun)18:00~20:30
“SAKURA" Grand Party at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in Tokyo.
The details will be announced at “SAKURA" Web site later.

2,793 wines!

2,793 wines from 29 countries participated in the competition this year and the number of the entry was increased significantly compared to last year 2014, 1,922 wines.

Regarding the distribution of the countries of the entry number, France was No.1, which dominates a quarter of the total and the 2nd was Italy whose entry number was extended dramatically from last year (179%).

This unique competition “Sakura", judged by women's juries, is catching the higher attention all over the world and new entries from Bulgaria, Thailand, Uruguay and Russia might be proof of raising the awareness of this competition.

2nd “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards the number of entry by country

  Number of entry by Country Comparison
France 717 134%
Italy 547 179%
Spain 270 160%
Chile 249 138%
Australia 176 152%
United States 163 136%
Argentina 139 181%
Japan 124 92%
South Africa 119 143%
Portugal 100 185%
Germany 38 79%
New Zealand 28 140%
Bulgaria 21 -
Switzerland 17 142%
Slovakia 15 125%
Brazil 11 220%
Romania 9 225%
Austria 7 58%
Luxembourg 6 300%
Hungary 6 600%
Thailand 5 -
Macedonia 5 250%
Georgia 5 71%
Moldova 4 200%
Slovenia 3 75%
Canada 3 75%
Greece 2 200%
Uruguay 2 -
Russia 2 -
Total 2793 147%

Collaboration with retailors which organize “SAKURA" awarded wine fairs

After the announcement of the awards, a lot of fairs will be held through Japan, owing to over 30 retail cooperators. The details will be informed at “SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards Web site

“SAKURA" Japan Women's Awards will participate in ProWein2015 at Düsseldorf!

ProWein 2015, one of the biggest wine exhibition in the world, will be held between Mar.15th and 17th, 2015 and “SAKURA" will be there in the area of “TASTE OF JAPAN", in which the awarded wines are displayed and tasted. The booth No. is Halle 12 / E109.

Thanks & best regards,

Yumi Tanabe
Chairperson of “SAKURA" Japan Women's Awards


Kumiko Sugiuchi, Administrative Officer
“SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards 2015 Organizing Committee
Phone: 81-3-6229-1727 FAX: 81-3-5570-4341