News Release
April 25, 2016

This is a newsletter from “ SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office.

“SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards is an international wine competition in Japan.

1. Prowein 2016 (Mar.13th -15th, 2016)  in Düsseldorf

We were pleased that many exhibitors of the award winner visited “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards booth.  Thank you very much!

The awarded wines were displayed on the shelf of the booth.

2. Vinitaly 2016 (Apr.10th -13th, 2016)  in Verona

We visited the exhibitors of the award winner during the exhibition.

Thank you for your warmly welcome and we regret that we could not visit every booth due to the limited time.

3. "SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2016 GALA WINE PARTY

As the finale of the competition 2016, the GALA WINE PARTY was held in Tokyo on the 17th of April. Approx. 500 people enjoyed the award winning wines from all over the world.

Please click here for the photo gallery of Prowein, Vinitaly and GALA WINE PARTY.