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October 29, 2018

Closing the Early Bird discount in 3days!!! Don't miss this opportunity!
“SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office

  • Only 5 days left until the Early Bird discount closes !!!
  • <FAQ> Qualification for Entry
  • How unique“SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards is!

1. Only 5 days left until the Early Bird discount closes !!!

If you decide the number of items for entry, you can get EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT closes Oct.31st 24:00(Japan Time)
Last minute call for the final 3 days!
Don’t miss it!!

• Entry Period: Oct.1st(Mon) - Nov.30th(Fri)
• Early Bird Discount: Oct.1st(Mon) - Oct. 31th(Wed)  » 3days left !

When the payment of the entry fee is made by credit card before 24:00(Japan Time) on Oct.31st, 2018, 5 % discount is applied to the total amount.

1)Payment by credit card
2)Register your company information & number of entry
3)Later register the wine information(until Nov.30th)


2. <FAQ> Qualification for Entry

We inform you about some of the Qualification for Entry, which is on FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) page on the official website.
Please check them while you consider your entries!

Please visit our FAQ page

<Q1> The wines made from other fruits such as peach or strawberry are accepted to enter?
<A1> No. the wines made from 100 grapes are accepted.
Also the wines added extract from other fruits, coffee, etc. are not accepted.
<Q2> How much is annual production needed for entry?
<A2> The annual production of the wine must be beyond 1,000bottles (750ml).
<Q3> Only wines produced by women winemakers can make entry?
<A3> No, not at all. Just to make things clear for the entry, gender does not matter. Everybody can enter to the competition.
The special award "The Best Woman Winemaker" is selected from women winemakers only.

The further information about the qualification is on the guidelines for the 6th “SAKURA” Wine Awards 2019.
You can download them from the link below,

3. How unique“SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards is!

* Activities of the 5th “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2018
Please watch the Video.

* Please visit below URL for more details of the award-winning wines
2018 Results

* Any interests in the wine market of Japan? Please find out from the link below,
◆Wine Market in Japan◆

Important Dates to remember

October 1, 2019(Tue) – November 30, 2019(Sat)
※We have an early bird discount!
5% discount from the total amount if you pay within the period by credit card.
Period applied for early bird discount:Oct.1st(Tue)~Oct. 31st(Thu), 2019 (Until 24:00pm Japan Time)
※Volume discount will also be available if you enter 11 items or more (combination use with early bird discount is applicable)
Sample Delivery
October 1, 2019(Tue) – January 10 , 2020(Fri)
Delivered to Japan
Tasting Judgement
January 28, 2020(Tue) - January 29, 2020(Wed)
Award Announcement
February 14 , 2020 (Fri) on Valentine's day
Ceremony announcing
March 10 , 2020(Tue) at FOODEX JAPAN 2020
Announcement of Diamond Trophy and Special Awards Grand Prix

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.