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Awards – Diamond Trophy for the most exceptional wines

  • Diamond Trophy
    Diamond Trophy
  • Double Gold
    Double Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Special Awards, Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine, Grand-prix
    Grand Prix
sakura award

Special Awards and Special Awards Grand-Prix

  • Best Woman Winemaker
    Women WinemakerThe Awards goes to top 10 women winemakers selected from all categories, and the best of the top 10 will be awarded the Grand Prix Woman Winemaker of the year.
  • “Rose” Wine
    RoseThey are elegant, smooth, delicate, yet deep and powerful, while paring with a wide range of cuisines. From still wine “Rose” category, 10 wines with high scores are awarded Best Wine “Rose”, and the highest scored wine will be the Grand Prix “ROSE” Wine.
  • Grand Prix Japanese Wine of the year
    Japanese wines are put on the same blind tasting table along with the world top quality wines in our “SAKURA” Awards. The 3 highest scored wines produced and bottled in Japan will be awarded Best Japanese Wine.
  • Cost Performance Wine
    Wines of all categories are grouped into three price categories, and high scored 10 wines in each price category will be awarded Best Cost Performance Wine.
    1. Under 1,000 yen:  High scored wines at less than 1000 yen for retail sales in Japan. Great wines in the most reasonable price category will be identified.
    2. 1,001 – 1,500 yen:  Judges will select the best cost performance wines in the reasonable price category, expanding the options of everyday wines.
    3. 1,501 – 2,500 yen:  Great wines in this price category might be recommended for a little special occasions such as weekend meals or female gathering.
  • Great Value Sparkling Wine
    In light of accelerating consumption of sparkling wines in Japan, we’ve introduced the new award for high quality sparkling wines in the price category below 2,500 yen to make this wine category feel more approachable. The Grand-prix will go to the highest scored wine.
  • Lesser-known Grape Varieties in Japanese market
    imageThere are excellent wines in the world made from local rare grapes which are handed down to generations. We’ll shed light on these wines, usually highly regarded by a selected few, to dive deeper in the world of wine. The highest scored wine will be awarded the Grand-prix.
  • "FORTIFIED" Wine
    From many fortified wines which go excellent with aperitif, dessert and variety of meals, we identified 10 items to best pair with Japanese cuisine.
  • "DESSERT" Wine
    Sweet dessert wines are popular among Japanese women. We’ll assess and introduce dessert wines which are well recognized globally, such as noble rot wines, late harvest wines and icewines. Among 10 awarded items, the Grand-prix will go to the highest scored wine.

Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine

Selected from Gold awarded wines (88 points or above), we will identify wines to match with 9 categories of Asian Cuisine. 10 items are selected and the highest scored one will be the Grand-prix in each category of cuisine.

  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - SUSHI
    sushiSushi may be the most beloved by the world among Japanese cuisine which were added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. We’ll advocate superb matching of Sushi and wines selected by Japanese women’s delicate sense of taste.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - TEMPURA
    tenpuraGolden crispy Tempura with the umami locked inside pairs perfectly with wine. Wines which make the most of the seasonal flavors and ingredients will be introduced.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - SUKIYAKI
    sukiyakiWe believe unique wines yet with elegance can really bring out the full flavor of beef and vegetables cooked in a sweet soy-based sauce.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine – YAKITORI
    tenpuraThere are many great wines that pair with Yakitori, a popular skewered-grilled meat and vegetables dish.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - TEPPANYAKI
    tenpuraWine enhances the sizzling sounds and aroma of meat, seafood and vegetables grilled on a large iron skillet in front of you.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine – Japanese POT-AU-FEU
    tenpuraWe typically put chicken, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu etc., in Japanese pot-au-feu, a popular menu at home during winter season. Very good with wines.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - KOREAN
    tenpuraIt is enjoyable to select wines to pair with hot peppers, garlic, and the wide range of vegetables, meats and seafood in Korean cuisine.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - CHINESE
    tenpuraWhile respecting its over 4000 years’ history and variety, Japanese love Chinese cuisine and enjoy it as everyday dish at home. The marriage with wine will make the most of the flavor of Chinese cuisine.
  • Best Pairing Wine for Asian Cuisine - THAI
    tenpuraThai cuisine is complex mix of spicy and refreshing. This complexity makes wine pairing enjoyable beyond imagination.

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