News Release
August 7, 2019

This is a newsletter from “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards Office.

  • The result of 2019 announcement/Non-imported awarded wines in 2019's tasting event was held.
  • The report of charity event activity
  • We're preparing an additional special awards! The entry guidelines and the schedule of the 7th "SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2020


1. On July 10th,the press conference and the non-imported wine's tasting event was held.

On July 10th, we held the press conference of result report of 2019/ the guidelines of 2020, and the non-imported awarded wines in 2019's tasting event at Agnes Hotel located in Kagurazaka.

300 non-imported awarded wines in 2019 were introduced, the first part, the participants were exclusively for industrial personnel(around 200 people), the second part was open for public(100 people) as a charity tasting event.
Thank you for your participation!
※We will be donating the incomes to 【Certified NPO Corporation J.POSH (Japan Pink-Ribbon of Smile and Happiness Campaign)】


2. The Report of Charity Event Activity

"SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards proactively works on CSR activities through charity event concerning wines.

●Income and expenditure report of non-imported awarded wines tasting charity event (tax included)
 Date:July 10th(Wed), 2019
 Total number of participants: 103 people × 1000 yen = 103000 yen
 Total sales of charity wine sets: 93 boxes × 10000 yen = 930000 yen

 Total amount: 1033000 yen
 Event operating expenses: 276921 yen

Amount donated: 756079 yen
Donated to: 【Certified NPO Corporation J.POSH (Japan Pink-Ribbon of Smile and Happiness Campaign)】

※The event operating expenses include venue/equipment fee, printing fee, labor costs, wine transportation fee.

3. We're planning to add special awards! The schedule and the entry guidelines of the 7th "SAKURA" Japan Women's Wine Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce that we're planning to implement additional special awards!
• Ancient variety/endemic variety
• Sweet wine/fortified wine

<The schedule>
■Entry: Oct.1st(Tue)~Nov.30th(Sat) 2019.
※We have an early bird discount!
5% discount from the total amount if you pay within the period by credit card.
Period applied for early bird discount:Oct.1st(Tue)~Oct. 31st(Thu), 2019 (Until 24:00pm Japan Time)
※Volume discount will also be available if you enter 11 items or more (combination use with early bird discount is applicable)

■Sample Delivery Closing: Oct.1st 2019(Tue)~Jan.10th 2020(Fri)
Please strictly follow the deadline!

■Judgement: Jan.28th 2020(Tue) and Jan.29th 2020(Wed)

■Announcement of Double Gold, Gold, Silver Awards on our website:Feb.14th 2020(Fri) <St.Valentine's Day>
Announcement of Diamond Trophies and Special Awards Grand Prix: Mar.10th 2020(Tue) @ FOODEX JAPAN 2020

<Guidelines for Entry >
You can download our entry guidelines for 2020 from our official website.
The guidelines for entry in French, Spanish and Italian are also available!

The brochures 2020 is also ready to download from the link below.


Important Dates to remember

October 1, 2019(Tue) – November 30, 2019(Sat)
Sample Delivery
October 1, 2019(Tue) – January 10 , 2020(Fri)
Delivered to Japan
Tasting Judgement
January 28, 2020(Tue) - January 29, 2020(Wed)
Award Announcement
February 14 , 2020 (Fri) on Valentine's day
Ceremony announcing
March 10 , 2020(Tue) at FOODEX JAPAN 2020
Announcement of Diamond Trophy and Special Awards Grand Prix

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.